EP International

Get ready to explore further,
we decided to reinvent your offer

The new E&P International will be focused on your reality, your international challenges.
Aligned with the Digital age, our offer will be more personalized as you will be able to choose the subjects you would like to see developed during the year.
EP International will help you to have a global vision on actual HR practices and challenges.


Our new offer will be based on 3 dimensions:

• The News

Information is collected by our team all over the world.
They provide regular updates from their respective countries in the form of benchmarks, interviews, examples of HR policies and early warning signs.
These materials are selected, processed, organized and published on regular basis.

• Focus

Some subjects will take the form of international benchmarks.
Eg : StrategicWorkforce Planning, Succession Plan, Talent Acquisition and Retention, Continuous Performance Feedback, Pulse Survey, global Leadership Program, Compensation Analysis, Digital HR & HR Systems, Embrace Diversity & Cultures etc.
As a privileged partner, you will be able to choose, at the beginning of the year, your strategic topics. The most popular will be developed by our team on a regular basis as well.

• Live sessions

Two times a year, we will go deeper during Live Session. Experts and peers will be invited to share with you their practical experiences.
Place of benchmark, prospective and networking come to explore further with E&P International.