Regular HR Intelligence Briefings

• Information is collected by our team of intelligence gatherers from across the world.
• They provide regular updates from their respective countries in the form of benchmarks, interviews, examples of HR policies and early warning signs.
• These materials are selected, processed, organized and then published twice a month as briefs and podcasts.


International Reports

Three studies per year - possibly comparative - on a key international issue. Extract of the first one:
Human rights at work along global supply chains.
How much longer before business adopts due diligence measures that anticipate human rights violations in global supply chains? International bodies (UN, ILO) are increasingly prioritizing
the issue of human rights within companies. Some countries have started legislating, or are attempting to do so and stakeholders (NGOs, trade unions) are employing new means of action to apply pressure on multinational corporations. What’s more, whether they be required to do so or not, companies will, sooner rather than later, have to take on board society’s ever rising expectations.

Future Scenarios: ‘What if…?’

• This section is made up of around 10 videos which will act as building blocks to stimulate the future orientated? mindset of your teams.
• They will encourage teams to debate, think outside of the box and to examine things from a different angle. What’s more, they will inspire creativity in the management, the organization and the future of work as well as in the changing nature and practices of HR.

Conferences for International Seminars

• All of these materials enable us to give conferences on a wide variety of subjects and this offer includes one as complimentary.
• These conferences may be presented in person or on-line.
• We are also able to design and facilitate international seminars on HR topics.

A team of ‘intelligence gatherers’

20 intelligence gatherers in 17 countries:
Argentina, Brazil, China (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong), Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA (NYC, Silicon Valley)