E&P’s HR Intelligence and Documentation service

provides access to relevant, pre-selected and quickly accessible information.On-line services and customised research services are also available.

  • Our Knowledge Plaza (KP) collaborative platform is used for monitoring HR developments and for pooling all of the resources available to our members.
  • Members can request specific research to be conducted to complement work done in-house by the member company. The HR Intelligence & Documentation service can also facilitate identifying the relevant contact persons in our member companies. In addition to these services, members can subscribe to a customised “HR Intelligence” service which provides assistance to help anticipate future trends. Member companies benefit from information gathered by E&P on specific themes that will represent a major challenge for these companies in the medium term. This service includes oral summary reports.


To make documentation research request and access the form, click here

THE “EP Intelligence” NEWSLETTER (In French only)

is published every month. This is an original tool designed to provide companies with different,complementary and thought-provoking information. Our newsletter is based on research and key summaries of topics that provide easy and enjoyable reading, and offer companies a chance to take a distanced look at HR and management issues.

EP LEGAL UPDATE” Legal Intelligence for HR (In French only)

This newsletter provides the latest news on labour law, including our analyses and comments, and will allow you to better understand the consequences in relation to the implementation of your HR policy.